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With MySuperDIY, YOU gain complete control of your superannuation. Want to choose your own investments? Want to choose your own insurance and coverage? Want to do it all in a simple and easy-to-follow process? MySuperDIY is the only choice in superannuation where you can make all of the superannuation investment decisions without having to pay for all of the nasty extras that come along with a Self Managed Super Fund. No audits. No compliance filing. No business setup costs. No financial planner standing between you and your money. No one standing over your shoulder, telling you what to do.

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There is only you, and the money you plan to retire with. With access to 4 different super funds, including Macquarie, Colonial First State, MLC and BT Super, and over 1000 individual investment options, MySuperDIY gives you one of the most comprehensive Do It Yourself super options ever seen in Australia. Take control of your retirement. IT’S YOUR FUTURE, WITH YOUR SUPER.

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